At Exclusive Limestone Render, we have exclusive use of the highest quality materials in Perth. Our product is carefully mixed to ensure that we provide a consistent finish from job to job – so you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving a product that has been tried and tested, and tested again.

Unlike some competitors, we use reconstituted limestone in our product, which is blended to replicate the desirable natural texture and colour of Australian limestone.

Limestone rendering is an innovative and environmentally friendly way to increase your buildings natural insulation properties, and an Exclusive Limestone Render finish can help to reduce your reliance on expensive heating and cooling systems.

From exterior and interior walls, alfresco dining areas, feature walls, corbelling, fireplace designs and letterboxes, the only limit on the application of Exclusive Limestone Render is your imagination.


Limestone rendering is a great way to freshen and modernise your home or business – check out one of our many finishes and see how Exclusive Limestone Render can add value to your property.


Here at Exclusive Limestone Render, we are able to provide a range of colours in warm, earthy tones. Please enquire with us if you would like to add a subtle edge to your limestone render finish.


Exclusive Limestone Render’s premixed material is available to purchase through us.
With the convenience of being a ready to use, bagged product, you will be able to achieve some amazing finishes like ours! Simply contact us if you would like to know more.